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Cell & Gene Therapy Summit 2023

Economist Impact Cell & Gene Therapy Summit 2023 April 24th – 25th 2023 Brussels, Belgium Enabling market access, policy, and delivery

Cell & Gene Therapy Summit 2023 April 24th – 25th 2023 • Brussels, Belgium

Enabling market access, policy, and delivery

Under the stewardship of The Economist editors, our inaugural event on cell and gene therapies convenes industry stakeholders to accelerate access to transformative products.

Cell and gene therapies are redefining the treatment of many diseases, giving hope to patients who previously had no therapeutic options. These treatments can be transformative in the battle against cancer, genetic disorders and rare diseases. In the UK, NICE expects to review 30 new cell and gene therapy products by 2023, with the FDA in the US predicting between 15 and 20 new products will be on the market by 2025. Attendees will learn how healthcare systems and policies need to evolve before these therapies can become mainstream.

Through a series of interactive sessions, industry stakeholders will debate the challenges of bringing these therapies to market—including manufacturing, real-world data collection and their commercial sustainability. Our conference programme examines the potential for a healthcare paradigm shift, as public opinion and patient experience evolve. We will also assess the innovations needed in pricing policies and payments to combat “big sticker” price tags—some products are $2.48 million per dose—and how they limit accessibility

Discover the potential for a healthcare paradigm shift with our inaugural event. Examine how healthcare systems, pricing and policies need to evolve before essential cell and gene therapies can become mainstream.

Policymakers and regulatory bodies are currently working on a national level with different approvals in each country.They need a joined-up approach. “Centralising processes” have been outlined in whitepapers from the WHO and WEF, but their methodology needs refinement. By next spring, new legislation in Europe is expected to provide more clarity, making it easier to outline proposals.

Payers and insurers are covering costs and they want justifications for the high prices. Insurers and healthcare providers want to be in the room with pharmaceutical companies.

Investors and venture capitalists are funding biotechs and start-ups. They have insights into the market, including the latest trends. Industry stakeholders want to know what investors are looking for, and investors need to hear from policymakers and big pharma to understand where the market is headed.

Clinicians and healthcare providers treat patients and administer the products. They want to understand how hospital and healthcare infrastructure can adapt to deliver cell and gene therapies. This event will consider how prepared hospitals are for future challenges.

Nonprofits and patient-advocacy groups are crucial to education. Patient trust is essential to cell and gene therapies becoming available in the mainstream. This agenda will uncover how industry stakeholders can best engage with patient groups—aiming to reduce challenges such as high prices and limited availability in some regions.

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