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The Pharma Social Media Conference – 11th May – London

The Pharma Social Media Conference – 11th May – London

Equip yourself with the strategies and tools to drive engaging, targeted, compliant, customer-centric and high-impact pharmaceutical social media in just one day!

Pharma execs are increasingly employing social media to elevate their HCP, patient and stakeholder relationships. Discover how our 24 industry leaders from Sanofi, Roche, Chiesi, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Haleon, GSK, MSD and more are staying ahead of the curve with the latest social technologies and channels, fully maximising LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter to boost HCP, patient and stakeholder engagement levels, fuelling ROI and profits and securing internal buy-in… all while navigating the latest compliance frameworks.  

Drive Patient Engagement & Empowerment: Fuel progress, inform and support patients with patient-centric, collaborative and compliant social strategies 

Skyrocket Pharma-HCP Engagement Levels: Targeted, tailored and value-adding social strategies

Measure Impact, Prove Value! Showcase a solid case for continued social media investment with metrics and measurement tools which demonstrate social ROI

Navigate Compliance & Regulatory Frameworks Successfully: Maximise the potential of social media within the regulatory code of compliance

Hot New Digital Trends & Strategies: Harness the power of AI, new technologies, data insights and analytics to take your social media to the next level

Showcase Winning Social Content: Produce compelling, creative and captivating content to fuel engagement and maximise impact on social

Power Best-In-Class Customer Engagement: Prioritise customer-centricity at the very core of your strategies with personal, data-supported and consistently impactful social media activity

Inspiring Platform Insights – LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok: Be at the top of your game with tailored, cohesive, customer-inspired projects and channel-specific knowhow

Next-Generation Omni-Channel Excellence: Optimise touchpoints and skyrocket engagement with a seamless, impactful and refreshed omni-channel strategies

The Art Of Securing Internal Buy-In: Win over reluctant stakeholders and spark an internal appetite for social media impact across commercial, legal, medical and product teams

Crisis & Reputation Management On Social Media: Ringfence fake news and make the voice of reason carry with top-of-class strategies and response know-how

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