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Working from home top tips

If you are one of the many people who are now working from home, are you finding it difficult to adjust being away from your workplace? The RARE Rev team are used to working from home, but some of us are lucky enough to normally work from the same office. Here are some of our top tips for home working: 

  • Set yourself working hours. We are all having to make adjustments to our working patterns and hours but if you can try to set specific times to work it can make managing your workload and work life balance easier. It can be difficult to switch off from work at home, so it is important that you set yourself work time boundaries.
  • Structure your day and allow yourself breaks, equally avoid getting distracted by household tasks so that you end up having to catch up on unfinished work tasks at all hours of the day and night.
  • Find yourself a dedicated work space that is only for work so that work doesn’t take over spaces that you associate with leisure time.
  • Take a break and step outside for some fresh air. 
  • Rather than email, schedule in some work calls and video calls. You don’t want to feel isolated or out of touch with your business.
  • If you are juggling working from home with looking after children or have housemates and family in your home make sure you communicate when you are working and ask people to respect that during this time you will need space. Obviously this is easier said than done and especially difficult for children to understand when it is work time. Make sure you sit down with them and show them your schedule. Set them things to do for an hour and then spend some time together. Be realistic about how long you can spend working. Sometimes a visual aid can help children understand that it is work time, anything from a sign on a door to wearing a hat to signal you are working, whatever works! Set a timer so that they can see how long is left before they have your attention!

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